The backbone of post-graduate studies is the Research and Development (R&D) that is being carried out in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering.
As a rule, the research is conducted in the existing Laboratories of the Department, within the framework of the research programs of each Laboratory (cf. The Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Areas of Activity).
The research programs are supported either by current state funding awarded to the University Laboratories, or by non-university institutions (The General Secretariat of Research and Technology, Industry, the EU, etc.) which, by various means, fund research and development at the University.
Ever since it was founded, the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering has developed intense activity in research as well as in development. Its participation in international research projects, and its collaboration with the industry is of special importance.
The result of this effort is manifested in the high number of doctorates awarded and of papers presented at international conferences and published in international journals.