Sintoris Christos
Laboratory Teaching StaffSintoris Christos Division of Electronics and Computer
Computer Engineering and Informatics Department of the University of Patras
Ph.D. in Designing of Location-Based Mobile Games, at the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of the University of Patras

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Christos has designed and developed a number of location-sensitive mobile games

MuseumScrabble is a location-sensitive mobile game, designed and developed for a museum in Greece. The game is aimed for visiting pupils. Teams of players use PDAs to scan and link exhibits in the rooms of the museum. The game is loosely based on the adaption of the Scrabble board game in a location-based form. For more information, check the minisite.

Invisible CIty: Rebels Vs Spies is an adaption of the Mafia party game in a form to be played in a city center using Android mobile devices. A more detailed description and an overview of the rules can be found at

Pompeii design activity is a game design scenario that  has been developed as a practical design session for location-sensitive game designers. The premise is  to design a game for visitors of the Pompeii archaeological site.

Benaki MuseumScrabble is a location sensitive mobile game for Android and iPhone. It is being developed for the biggest private museum in Greece, the Benaki Museum.

StoryPlayis platform and a set of tools for developing and reproducing location-sensitive narratives. StoryPlay is currently under development.

CityScrabble is an adaptation of the MuseumScrabble concept for open spaces. It has been implemented as an Android app. It has participated at the Athens Plaython in 2012, and the Patras Carnival in 2013.

For more info on projects and interests regarding location-based mobile games, check out l-bags.


2014 - Ph.D. in Designing of Location-Based Mobile Games, at the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of the University of Patras.
Area of interest: Location-Based Mobile Games, Human-Computer Interaction.

  • Solomos Museum: Study for the implementation of a prototype visitor guidance system by using location sensing technologies and mobile devices. (RFID, PDA, Java, C#). Also, designing of a database for holding and monitoring the collection of the museum. The project is still in designing phase.
  • Research in the Human-Computer Interaction area:
    • Location-Based Mobile Games
    • Learning technologies, focusing on mobile devices.

1994 – 2001, studies in the Computer Engineering and Informatics Department of the University of Patras.
Thesis title: "Automated web site creation/database to web connectivity" in collaboration with Dr. Vassilis-Javed Khan. As a result, an on-line tool for web publishing, called e-DEDALUS, was produced, see publications.

Work experience

from 2017 onwards, Teaching & Research Associate at the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of the University of Patras.

2011 – 2013, Teaching assistant at the Early Childhood Education Dpt., Univerisity of Patras.

  • Taught the laboratory classes of following courses to students of the Dpt.:
    • ICT Technologies in Education
    • Introduction to ICT
    • Introduction to Web Science

2007 – 2011, Developer and researcher at the Human-Computer Interaction Lab. On leave from secondary education.

  • Design and development of a mobile guide system for the Solomos Museum in Zakynthos Greece.
  • Windows Pocket PC, Microsoft .NET Compact Framework.
  • The developed system was composed of a server software and client application for visitors.
  • It employs early generation NFC technology (RFID)
  • The client applications are a guide system for visitors and a multiplayer educational game for visiting pupils, from which the postgraduate-level research stems.

2006 – 2007, Technical Administrator in ICT Center of Achaia Province, Greece.

  • Providing technical support in schools' computer labs, covering approx. 60 secondary level schools.

2003 – 2006, Teaching Computer Science in high school.
2001 – 2003, R.A. Computer Technology Institute, Networking Technologies Sectore (

  • Development of automated management system for the backbone of the Greek Research and Technology Network ( This application allows the automatic network dimensioning and resource handling, the automated configuration of network equipment based on user requests and supports advanced services as VoIP, IPPremium etc. (php, mysql, smarty).
  • Netmon: Network monitor for the network of the Greek School Network with live traffic monitoring and statistics (svg, php, cricket, mysql).
  • Design and implementation for the greek part of DIGI-Q project ( for the training of SMEs in improving and certifying e-Business processes.
  • A jetspeed portal for the Greek School Network.
  • User Administration Environment. A php/ldap based web environment for the management of the user accounts of the Greek School Network.
  • Survey for the Ministry of Education. Monitoring of the teaching and studying population of the greek education system. Implementation of the mechanism as well as execution of the survey.

2000, R.A. Computer Technology Institute, Research Unit 6.

  • Development of the multimedia environment DiaryComposer for pre-school children(Java, Swing, JMF, JDBC).

1999, Knowledge A.E.

  • Distributed access to the databases of the Chambers of Commerce in Epirus region. (php, Oracle).
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