The Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering was founded as the first department of the School of Engineering in 1967. Initially its name was Electrical Engineering Department. It included eight chairs and five laboratories. In the following period up to 1982, eleven more chairs and five laboratories were established, while six chairs were transferred to other departments.
In accordance with the law 1268/-82, the chair system was abolished and Divisions were created within the Departments into which all personnel and the laboratories were incorporated. Three Divisions were formed in the Department of Electrical Engineering as follows:

 Electric Power Division (Electric Power Systems Laboratory, Electromechanical Conversion Laboratory, High Voltage Laboratory).
Telecommunications and Electronics Division (Wireless Communications Laboratory, Wire Communication Laboratory, Laboratory of Electromagnetics, Applied Electronics Laboratory).
Systems and Automatic Control Division (Systems and Measurements Laboratory, Automatic Control Laboratory).

In the '80s the VLSI-Design Laboratory (Telecommunications and Electronics Divi-sion), the Electrotechnic Materials Laboratory (Electric Power Division), and the Automation and Robotics Laboratory (Systems and Automatic Control Division) were added to the Department. In addition 39 faculty positions were established: 19 for Lecturers, 6 for Assistant Professors, 7 for Associate Professors, and 7 for Professors.

In the beginning of '90s one more laboratory, the Laboratory of Computers (Telecommunications and Electronics Division) and further faculty positions were established. In 1994, the Division of Telecommunications & Electronics was split into two:
 Division of Telecommunications & Information Technology
 Division of Electronics & Computers.

In 1995 the Department of Electrical Engineering was renamed Electrical and Computer Engineering Department honouring its strong activity in the area of computers.

Our Department has a very high level of members of: Thirty Six (36) Teaching Scientific Personnel (D.E.P.), Thirteen (13) Laboratory Teaching Staff (E.DI.P.), Four (4) Special Technical Educational Staff (E.T.E.P), Teaching and Research Assistants and Administrative staff, for about 2500 undergraduate and postgraduate students.