Tomkos Ioannis
Applied Physics. (B.Sc.,Degree, Univ. of Patras - GR)
Telecommunications (M.Sc., Ethnikon kai Kapodistriakon Panepistimion Athinon - GR)
Optical Communication Systems & Networks(PhD, Ethnikon kai Kapodistriakon Panepistimion Athinon - GR)

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Experienced initiator/manager of PPP Research & Innovation projects (on 5G mobile networks, FTTH, backbone and datacenter Interconnection networks). Established academic leader who is offering C-level consulting on business planning & technology trends, while he also acts as ICT policy making adviser.

Over the past 20 years, he has managed teams that participated in industry R&D projects and in a record number of EU-funded projects (over 25 in total; 14 just in FP7) with a consortium-wide leading role (including being Technical Manager of 9 major EU projects with a total budget of over 50M€). He has raised over 8.5M€ in funding (among the top performers in terms of attraction of funding within EU).

He is a Fellow of the IET (2010), OSA (2012) and of IEEE (2018). He has co-authored over 650 journal articles & conference proceedings papers. He served as the Chair of the "Optical Networking"​ Technical Committee of IEEE Communications Society. He was also Chairman of the "Optical Communications"​ Group at OSA. He has been Chair or member of the organizing committees for major conferences in telecommunications/networking (more than 150). In addition he was a member of the Editorial Boards of IEEE/OSA Journals.

He has been awarded for pioneering and innovative contributions in the deployment of next generation access networks in Greece.

He is included in the "Top H-Index" list of scientists working in the fields of "Computer Science and Electronics" ( and he has over 400 entries at IEEEXplore & 80000 reads at ResearchGate (therefore being one of the most published and read Greek authors in the field of electrical engineering and among the top worldwide on core/access/datacenter networks):

tel:    +30 2610 969869