Human-Computer Interaction

Τhe purpose of the Inter-departmental joint master program in Human-Computer Interaction of the University of Patras is to provide the students with theoretical knowledge and skills relating to the study, design and development of interactive technologies, i.e. technologies that allow interaction of computer systems with their users, as well as the study of phenomena related to user experience of interaction with modern technologies. Graduates of the Schools of Computer Engineering and Informatics but also graduates of the faculties of science and other engineering disciplines, with an adequate background in computer science and technology, will acquire additional knowledge and skills that will allow them to become competent HCI and user experience professionals, that are able to design innovative interactive technologies and to provide services of design and evaluation of interactive systems to research and development bodies of the public or private sector in our country or internationally.

Awarded degree
The Program leads to the award of the Interdepartmental Diploma of Postgraduate Studies in "Human-Computer Interaction" (Master in Human-Computer Interaction).

Duration of study
The duration for the study that leads to the award of the Master degree is three (3) semesters, two taught and one for involving work on preparing the Master Thesis.

Number of places per year
The number of students admitted to the program per year is set at a maximum of thirty (30).

Attendance of the program does not require payment of any tuition fees.

Details for admission (usually admission application deadline is in two phases, first July 15th and the second if there are available place for August 31st.) and further information can be found in

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