Green Power Systems: Smart Technologies and Management Strategies

The subject of this post graduate program ( is sustainable generation and distribution of electric energy with minimal environmental impact. It practically combines all disciplines of electrical engineering: power systems, control, telecommunications, informatics, digital and analogue electronics, so that the fundamental aspects of smart-grids can be studied in depth. It covers all basic types renewable generation, power quality issues, flexible alternating current transmission systems etc.

The aim of this posrgraduate program is to develop further the knowledge about modern technical issues treated by electrical and computer engineers. Finally the analysis of complicated energy and development problems of modern lifestyle promotes an eco-friendly, sustainable development of both society and the respective research fields.

Prospects: the research subject of this post graduate program is largely compatible with the current directives and priorities put forward by the hellenic state, in effect exploiting green electric energy and safeguarding primal environmental targets. Besides issues concerning better quality of life, the post graduate program addresses a very wide and versatile sector of the labour market for engineers. Trainees will gain both professional and research skills on fields such as renewable energy research and development, modern power systems' infrastructure, computer networks and telecommunication systems.

It is addressed to: graduate electrical and computer engineers, mechanical engineers, chemical engineers, physicists and graduates of technical education institutions holding degrees of electrical engineering, telecommunications, electronics, computer science and informatics.

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