Biomedical Engineering

The Biomedical Engineering ( - BME is established in a close collaboration of the following four departments of the University of Patras:

  1. Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  2. Department of Computer Engineering & Informatics
  3. Department of Mechanical Engineering & Aeronautics
  4. School of Medicine

Purpose of Master’s Programme

Biomedical engineering is an evolving discipline in engineering that draws on collaboration among engineers, physicians, and scientists to provide interdisciplinary insight into medical and biological problems.

The programme in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Patras prepares students to apply engineering and applied science to problems in biology, medicine, and the understanding of living systems and their behavior, and to develop biomedical systems and devices in order to promote health. Modern engineering encompasses sophisticated approaches to measurement, data acquisition and analysis, simulation, and system identification. The increasing value of mathematical models in the analysis of living systems can significantly shape our understanding of these complex systems and advance the field. This programme does not only offer in-depth training and development of research skills that ensure both expertise in state of the art topics and future involvement in the field, but also encourage our students in the formulation and promotion of scientific thought.

Following the formal open call and the review of applications a student is admitted. The student must be a graduate from the following departments: Physics, Mathematics, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering & Informatics, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science, School of Medicine, Biology, Applied Mathematics and Physical Sciences NTUA, Applied Mathematics University of Crete, Digital Systems Engineering University of Piraeus, Materials Science University of Ioannina, Biomedical Engineering of the Technological Institute Athens and holders of equal qualifications both domestically and abroad.

The study duration is three to four academic semesters. The IPPS - BME confers M.Sc. (PSD) entitled "Biomedical Engineering". During their studies, candidates are required to successfully pass the courses and to defend their thesis. Teaching of courses and the writing of the dissertation is in English language. The number of students is defined a maximum limit of 30 (thirty).  Furthermore, no tuition fees are paid.


Teaching of courses and the writing of the thesis is in English.

The total credits (AM or ECTS) required for obtaining the M.Sc. is ninety (90).

The students are required to attend and pass successfully fourteen (14) courses in total.

The first semester (A) requires five (5) mandatory and two (2) elective courses, while the second semester (B) requires four (4) mandatory and three (3) elective course and the third semester (C) is dedicated to the elaboration of the thesis.

The courses are credited with a total workload of sixty (60) ECTS and the dissertation with a total workload of thirty (30) ECTS.

The examination periods start in the end of each academic semester and last for two weeks. In the exams on winter and spring semester, they are examined the courses of winter and spring semester respectively, while in the exams on September, they are examined the courses of both semesters. Graduate examinations apply exactly as for undergraduate students.

The graduate students can take an exam maximum three times in each course in order to obtain an accessible degree and pass successfully the course.

In case of fail in the last course in order a graduate student to successfully complete all the duties required to obtain the Postgraduate Specialization Diploma, at the request of the student, there is the possibility of reexamination of the student by a three-member committee (decision of the general meeting with reference number 265/10072).

The master thesis is pursued in the third and last semester. The graduate student can start with the master thesis only if has passed successfully at least ten courses.

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