Athletics University Gymnasium

Tel.: +30 2610 993 055
The Gymnasium is open from 1 October, 9am to 9pm daily, except Saturdays and Sundays. Attendance is compulsory for first year students (20 attendances required).

The University offers a variety of specialised facilities, including outdoor grounds for soccer, specially surfaced basket ball and tennis courts, an indoor swimming pool and indoor sports hall, all of which are available to students. Many sports, exercise and recreational options are available. Weightlifting, track events, martial arts, sailing, skiing, along with organised team sports are all offered. Students may become members of teams such as:

* water polo
* basket ball
* volley ball
* shooting
* tennis
* soccer
* chess
* table tennis
* cross country running

which compete against regional and Panhellenic teams in tournaments organised by the Universities. The events are held yearly. Programs are available for all sports activities from the gymnasium.

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