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Systems and Control

Director: Professor Nick Koussoulas
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Technical Staff: Dimitrios Tsipianitis
Location: ECE Building 1st Floor

The Division of Systems and Control has as its primary objective the training of students and undertaking of research in the area of Systems and Control.

Subjects of Activity
Electrical Circuit Analysis, Measurements Methodology, Signal and System Analysis, Automatic Control Systems, Dynamic System Analysis, Digital Control, Industrial Automation, Numeric and Digital Methods in System Design, Optimisation and Optimal Control, Adaptive Control, Expert Systems and Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and a variety of special topics in System Design and Automatic Control.

The Division has the following research laboratories:

1. Systems and Measurements Laboratory
  ECE Building 1st Floor
  Tel: +302610 996825
  Fax: +302610 991812
  Director: Nikolaos Koussoulas, Professor
Faculty: Nikolaos Koussoulas, Professor
Antonios Tzes, Professor
Stamatis Manesis, Professor
Special Educational Staff: Dimitris Tsipianitis
Technical Staff:  


2. Automatic Control Laboratory
  ECE Building 1st Floor
  Tel: +302610 997292
  Director: George Bitsoris, Professor
Faculty: Triantafillos Pimenidis, Professor
Demosthenes Kazakos, Assistant Professor
Administrative and Technical Staff:  


3. Laboratory of Automation and Robotics
 ECE Building 1st Floor
 Tel: +302610 996823
Director: Peter Groumpos, Professor
Faculty: Peter Groumpos, Professor