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Electric Power Systems

Director: Professor Antonios Alexandridis
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Other Personel: Konstantinos Petrou
Location: E&CE Building, Wing of Power Laboratories

The Electric Power Division has as its primary objective to educate Electrical Engineering students in the general field of Electrical Energy Systems, and to conduct research in this field.

Subjects of Activity
Structure of electrical machines and analysis of the steady state and transient operation. Electric drive systems. Methods of electric power generation. Modelling of basic power system components. Power system stability. Electrical installations. Systems of renewable energy sources. High voltage generation and measurements. Dielectric stresses. Insulating materials. Magnetic and dielectric properties of materials.

The Division has the following research laboratories::


1. Power Systems Laboratory
  E&CE Building, Power Laboratories, Ground Floor
  Tel: +302610 996893
  Fax: +302610 996893
Director: Nikolaos Vovos, Professor
Faculty: Nikolaos Vovos, Professor
Antonios Alexandridis, Professor
Gabriel Giannakopoulos, Professor
Thomas Zacharias, Assistant Professor
Technical Staff:  
Administrative Staff: Helene Balkamou


2. Electromechanical Energy Conversion Laboratory
  E&CE Building, Wing of Power Laboratories
  Tel: +302610 997351, +302610 997356
  Fax: +302610 996415
  Director: Emmanuel Tatakis, Associate Professor
Faculty: Emmanuel Tatakis, Associate Professor
Tzogia Kappatou-Athanasiou, Assistant Professor
Epaminondas Mitronikas, Lecturer
Administration and Technical Staff:  


3. Electrotechnic Materials Laboratory
 E&CE Building, Wing of Power Laboratories
 Tel: +302610 997364
 Director: Nikolaos Spyrou, Professor
Faculty: Nikolaos Spyrou, Professor
Administration: and Technical Staff:  


4. High Voltage Laboratory
  E&CE Building, Wing of Power Laboratories
  Tel: +302610 997352 / +302610 996452
  Director: -

Eleftheria Pirgioti, Assistant Professor
Panagiotis Svarnas, Assistant Professor

Admnistration and Technical Staff: