Monday, 21 10 2019

Protection from Over-voltages-Surge Arresters


Protection from Over-voltages-Surge Arresters
Lesson Code:  22Β002
Level:  Undergraduate / Postgraduate
Semester:  10ο



This course provides the basic knowledge for the protection of transmission lines, buildings and other facilities from over-voltages caused be lightning, by teaching the following subjects : Lightning discharges. Creation of lightning discharge. The consequences of lightning strike on buildings, industries, playing fields, telecommunication systems and other facilities. The consequences of lightning strike on Transmission Lines. Lightning electromagnetic fields. Evolvement and propagation of overvoltages on Transmission Lines. Overvoltage protection of overhead transmission lines. The electromagnetic model. Surge arresters on High Voltage Transmission lines. Lightning protection methods of buildings, industries, playing fields and other facilities. Lightning protection of high-rise buildings, danger structures and other facilities. Protection of ships and aircraft. Protection of telecommunication systems. Study of the applied lightning protection regulations and application on real installations.


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