Thursday, 19 07 2018

Tests and Measurements of High Voltages (without Lab)


Tests and Measurements of High Voltages (without Lab)
Lesson Code:  22Β910
Level:  Undergraduate / Postgraduate
Semester:  9ο



This course provides the basic knowledge on the High Voltage testing of electrical apparatus by teaching the following subjects: The necessity for testing and measurements of the High Voltage Equipment. Standards, regulations and quality control. Generation of testing voltages in High Voltage Laboratory. Generation of impulse voltages. Testing of transformers and multistage testing transformers. Generation of DC currents. Impulse current generators. Measurement of High Voltages of different forms. Voltage dividers. Voltage and current transformers. Spark gaps. Experimental data analysis. The influence of environmental conditions on breakdown in air. Calibration of laboratory equipment. Testing of insulators, cables, transformers, rotating machines, surge arresters and other High Voltage equipment. Safety, grounding and shielding of High Voltage Laboratories.


Svarnas Panagiotis