Friday, 18 10 2019

Power Electronic Devices & Industrial Applications


Power Electronic Devices & Industrial Applications
Lesson Code:  22Β906
Level:  Undergraduate / Postgraduate
Semester:  9ο



Structures and operational characteristics of power transistors BJT, MOSFET, IGBT and power diodes, structures and characteristics of emerging power semiconductor devices (MCT, IGCT, etc.) Static and dynamic behaviour, safe operating area, conduction and switching losses, overvoltage and overcurrent protection (snubbers). Design and analysis of different drive circuits. Equivalent circuits, simulation of power electronic devices and parameter's extraction methods. Inverters with power transistors, PWM technique (asynchronous, synchronous, precalculated), induction motor drives, industrial applications of DC to AC converters. PWM DC-DC Converters, analysis of different topologies (Buck, Boost, Buck-Boost), PWM DC-DC Converters with insulation transformer (Forward, Flyback, Push-Pull), Inductors and transformers design, Switch-Mode Power Supplies, other applications (UPS, chargers, etc.) Quasi-Resonant DC-DC converters, Zero-Current and Zero-Voltage techniques, Full-wave and Half-Wave topologies, applications (telecommunication, electronic equipment etc.)



Tatakis Emmanuel