Monday, 21 10 2019

Broadband Networks


Broadband Networks
Lesson Code:  22Α910
Level:  Undergraduate
Semester:  9ο



Introduction - Recent Trends in Requirements for Telecommunication - Progress in Technology and in System Concept. Narrowband-ISDN and Broadband -ISDN Services. Transfer Modes - Circuit Switching - Multi-rate Circuit Switching - Fast Circuit Switching - Packet Switching - Fast Packet Switching - Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) - Frame Relay - Switched Multi-Megabit Data Service (SMDS). B-ISDN Protocol Reference Model (PRM) - ATM PRM. Asynchronous Transfer Mode - An Overview - ATM Network Interfaces - Protocol Layers - ATM Cell Header Format - Connection Identifiers - VP/VC Assign-ment - Header Error Check (HEC) - LAN Emulation - ATM Virtual LANs - IP Over ATM. Comparison of ATM with other Transfer Modes. Statistical Multiplexing. Resource management in ATM networks. Principles of Traffic and Congestion Control in ATM Networks. Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH): architecture of Transmission Systems. Principles of ATM Switching. Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS). Packet Switching & Forwarding. Label Switching Routers (LSR, LER). Forwarding Equivalence Classes. Labels: Label Maping, Creation, Distribution and Control. Compatibility between ATM and MPLS. Tunneling. Explicit routing. Quality of Service. MPLS and Differentiated Services. MPLS and Integrated Services. Optical Networks. Wavelength Division Multiplexing versus Optical Time Division Multiplexing. Optical switching.



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