Friday, 18 10 2019

Power Electronics I


Power Electronics I
Lesson Code:  22Β703
Level:  Undergraduate
Semester:  7ο



Operation of high power electronic converters, semi-conductive elements, constructional and operational properties of thyristors and their static and dynamic behaviour, triggering, protection, cooling. Converters without commutation (ac-choppers), single-phase and three phase converters with anti-parallel thyristors and their control, reactive power, waveforms of the current and voltage. Converters with line commutation, fully controlled single-phase bridge, commutation phenomena, current and voltage wave-forms, reactive power, control of dc-machines, double single-phase converter, half controlled single phase bridge. Three pulse converter, three phase bridge, waveforms, power, single and double commutation. Calculation of a rectifying system, transformers for power electronic converters, commutation and control reactive power.



T: Tatakis Emmanuel
L: Tatakis Emmanuel
    Mitronikas Epaminondas