Monday, 21 10 2019

High Voltages


High Voltages
Lesson Code:  22Β7021
Level:  Undergraduate
Semester:  7ο



This course provides the basic knowledge on the technology of high voltages and their application on transmission, distribution and industrial networks and facilities, by teaching the following subjects: The necessity of using High Voltages. The evolution of High Voltage networks in Greece, Europe and worldwide. Basics on the behavior of solid, liquid and gaseous dielectrics. High Voltage Electric fields. High voltage networks and substations. Generation of overvoltages. Low frequency dynamic and transient overvoltages. High Voltage network behavior under lightning and switching overvoltages. Overvoltage propagation on High Voltage Transmission Lines. Regulations and standards for high voltage electrical equipment. The behavior of air and SF6 gaps in different forms of high voltages. Study and design of dielectric insulation of transmission lines and substations. Insulation coordination in electric power systems. Phenomenon Corona in High Voltage Transmission Lines. Electromagnetic interference caused by high voltage power systems. Applications of high voltages in bioengineering and electrostatic precipitators and other industrial operations. High voltage insulating materials and the applied electric fields. Electrical, thermal, mechanical and environmental stresses on electrical insulation. Dielectric strength, aging and breakdown in dielectrics. Technical breakdown in dielectrics. Technical constractual characteristics of insulators, cables power and instrument transformers, power capacitors, arresters, fuses, disconnectors and auxiliary equipment, circuit breakers of high voltage networks and substations. Partial discharges and power factor (tanδ). Dielectric layers and interfacial phenomena. Risk of failure and reliability of High Voltage equipment. Condition monitoring and life assessment of High Voltage equipment. Supervision, stock and maintenance of equipment.


Pyrgioti Eleftheria