Monday, 14 10 2019

Digital Control


Digital Control
Lesson Code:  22Δ802
Level:  Undergraduate
Semester:  8ο



Conversion of continuous-time systems to digital ones with samplers and holders. Definition, properties and applications of z-transform. Digital system transfer functions. Stability systems analysis on the time and frequency domain. Properties of digital filters and methods of discretizing of analogue filters. Realisations of digital filters with the state variable technique. Digital control algorithms (PID, Deadbeat). Realisation of digital filters with microprocessors. Deter-mination of sampling period, wordlength of the microprocessor and the A/D and D/A converters. Error analysis and non-linearities due to Discretisation. Digital control applications of a mechanical artificial hand, of an automatic pilot and target tracking system.




Groumbos Petros