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Data & Knowledge Bases


Data & Knowledge Bases
Lesson Code:  22Γ9011
Level:  Undergraduate / Postgraduate
Semester:  8ο
Url:   http://hci.ece.upatras.gr/index.php?option=com_content&task= view&id=178&Itemid=113&lang=iso-8859-7
eclass:    http://eclass.upatras.gr/courses/EE612/



Introduction, history and evolution of DB, rationale for DB use, overview of external data models. DB Organisation and internal structure. Introduction to the relational model. Normalisation, relational calculus and algebra. The Hierarchical Model 5. The Network Model. Introduction in the SQL. Examples of SQL operations, embedded SQL. DB integrity and security, multiple access synchronisation. Object-oriented DB. Knowledge Based Systems: Introduction to Expert Systems. Integration of Expert Systems with Data Bases. Intelligent DBs. Knowledge discovery in DBs. Hypermedia and Multimedia DBs. (Seminar). Special aspects of DB: Spatially and geographically structured DB, text DB etc. Hands-on experience will be obtained with use of a relational DB (SQL) and a full-scale project will be developed in the frame of the practical exercise. TEXTBOOK: I Kollias, Data Bases, Volume 1, Symmetria Publications, Athens, 1991. plus Lecture Notes.


Avouris Nikolaos