Friday, 18 10 2019

Computer Architecture


Computer Architecture
Lesson Code:  22Γ801
Level:  -
Semester:  8ο



Computer abstractions and technology. Integrated circuits. The role of performance. Measuring performance. Performance metrics. Instructions: Language of the machine. Operations and operands of the computer hardware. Computer Instructions. Procedures, arrays and pointers. Arithmetic for computers. Negative numbers. Addition, subtraction multiplication and division. Floating point. The processor: Datapath and control. Building a datapath. Simple and multiple clock cycle implementations. Microprogramming. Enhancing performance with pipeline. Pipeline datapath and control. Data and branch hazards. Exceptions and performance of pipelined systems. Large and fast: Exploiting memory hierarchy. Caches. Virtual memory. Interfacing processors and peripherals. I/O performance measures. Types and characteristics of I/O devices. Buses. Interfacing I/O devices.



Koufopavlou Odysseas
Theodoridis George