Tuesday, 15 10 2019

Electroacoustics II


Electroacoustics II
Lesson Code:  22Α8082
Level:  Undergraduate
Semester:  8ο
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Room Acoustics

Significance, history and theoretical approaches. Principles of wave theory, sound field in an enclosed space, Reverberation Time, Geometric approach, use of Signal theory and processing. Speech intelligibility and acoustic reverberation. Systems for simulating, predicting and analysing room acoustics, computer software methods, Acoustics and Virtual Reality applications

Sound systems: general principles and acoustic coverage

Acoustic principles of electroacoustic and sound installations / systems.

Aspects of source / receiver distance, acoustic gain, delay, directivity. Loudspeaker properties, arrays, directivity, installation and acoustic system equalisation

Sound systems: electrical properties

Input/ output relationships. Preamplifier characteristics, operation and circuit analysis. Power amplifiers (stages, types, design, properties), digital amplifiers. Interconnections principles and practice in sound systems. Typical examples of sound systems and installations 


Mourjopoulos Ioannis