Thursday, 19 07 2018

Broadcasting Systems


Broadcasting Systems
Lesson Code:  22Α8052
Level:  Undergraduate
Semester:  7ο



Wireless Network Planning for the Analogue Terrestrial and Satellite radio and Television Broadcasting Systems, Frequency Allocation for the Analogue and Digital Radio and TV Signals, Bandwidth Demands for the Analogue and Digital Radio and TV Signals, Radio and TV analogue and Digital Exciters, Design Considerations of the in-home satellite TV Receiving Systems, Headends and TV Signal Distribution Systems, Radio and TV receiver performance parameters (SNR and Picture Quality), Design Parameters of the Terrestrial and Satellite Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) and Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) systems, Frequency Assignment and Management of the Electromagnetic Spectrum, Interference Estimation and Interference Allotment Areas, Constrained Frequency Assignment Problems, Spectrum Demand Estimation for the T-DAB and DVB-T systems, Network Planning Principles for Single Frequency Networks, Examples ? Applications, The practical experience of the fourth year students, include laboratory work in the investigation of the Planning of the Broadcasting Systems (Interference Measurements, RSL in the TV satellite downlink (HotBird 3 sat.), Radio and TV Signal Quality Measurements, Intermodulation Interference Measurements).


Kotsopoulos Stavros