Monday, 14 10 2019

Electrical Machines II


Electrical Machines II
Lesson Code:  22Υ605
Level:  Undergraduate
Semester:  6ο



Induction Machines: Basic construction, windings, magnetic field, equations and equivalent circuit, power, currents, electromagnetic torque, starting, heating, Ossana's circle, speed control, theory of the squirrel-cage-rotor machines, higher harmonics. Synchronous machines: Basic construction, cooling, excitation, non salient-pole machines, magnetic field equations, electromagnetic torque, parallel operation, current circle diagram, armature reaction, behaviour under load, short-circuits, salient pole machine, inductive reactances, steady state equations, current circle diagram, vibrations, stability, starting, synchronism, power control. Single phase machines: Synchronous, asynchronous.



T: Kappatou Joya
L: Kappatou Joya
    Tatakis Emmanuel
    Mitronikas Epaminondas
     Zacharias Thomas