Monday, 14 10 2019

Electrical Machines I


Electrical Machines I
Lesson Code:  22Υ505
Level:  Undergraduate
Semester:  5ο



The basic principles of the electric and magnetic field, iron losses, leakage. Transformers: Basic construction (core, windings). Cooling, voltage equations and equivalent circuit of single-phase transformer, operation behaviour, efficiency, short-circuit operation, parallel operation of transformers, calculation of the leakage. Three-phase transformers, winding connections, unbalanced duty. Transformers for measurements. Advanced equivalent circuit, heating of transformers. Direct current machines: Basic construction, windings, induced voltage, electromagnetic torque, magnetic field and armature reaction, compole winding and compensating winding, armature current, current commutation, armature reaction, connections of DC machines, operation as generators and as motors, starting, braking, voltage and speed control.



T: Kappatou Joya
L: Kappatou Joya
    Tatakis Emmanuel
    Mitronikas Epaminondas