Monday, 21 10 2019

Signals and Systems I


Signals and Systems I
Lesson Code:  22Υ411
Level:  Undergraduate
Semester:  4ο



Introduction: Signals and systems - The signal analysis problem: Deterministic signals. Basic continuous-time and discrete-time signals. Power and energy - Mathematical models of continue-time and discrete-time systems: The input-output model. Causal systems. Memoryless systems. Linearity. Dynamical systems. The state equations - Description of linear systems- Continuous-time systems: The input-output model. The transfer functions matrix via Laplace transforms. The state equations. Discrete-time systems: The input-output model. The transfer functions matrix. The Z- transform. The state equations - The linear expansion problem: Optimal approxi-mation. The least square method. The Chebyshev expansion - Fourier analysis for continuous-time systems: The response of linear systems to complex exponentials. Fourier series.



Skodras Athanassios


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