Tuesday, 15 10 2019

Numerical Analysis


Numerical Analysis
Lesson Code:  22Υ304
Level:  Undergraduate
Semester:  3ο



Algebraic equations, root finding - iterative solution methods for non-linear simultaneous equations - Newton's iteration method and parameter perturbation - solution of linear simultaneous equations - Gaussian elimination - partial pivoting - iterative methods Gauss-Seidel and over-relaxation - algebraic eigenvalue problems - convergence acceleration, Richardson extrapolation - numerical integration - numerical optimization, one-dimensional search techniques ? interpolation, approximation, curve fitting - numerical solution of ordinary differential equations - Taylor, Euler, Runge-Kutta methods - Midpoint rule - multistep and predictor-corrector methods - numerical instability - two-point boundary value problems - finite differences and shooting methods - finite differences methods for partial differential equations.



Perdios Efstathios

Markakis Michail

Kalantonis Vasileios