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Gialelis Giannis



Gialelis Giannis, Laboratory Staff

Applied Electronics Laboratory

Yannis Gialelis
   BSEE ‐ Electrical Engineering Department Farleigh Dickinson University,MSEE ‐ Electrical Engineering Department, Polytechnic Institute of New YorkUniversity (NYU Poly), PhD ‐ Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, University of Patras
Tel: +30-2610-996440
fax: +30-2610-996818
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Curriculum Vitae

Professional Experience
o 1996‐today: Tenured teaching laboratory staff in the Applied Electronics Laboratory in the Electrical and
Computer Engineering Department (ECE) at the University of Patras, Greece
o 2008–today: Adjunct Professor in the Department of Computer Engineering & Informatics (CEID) at the
University of Patras, Greece
o 1998‐ today: Research Engineer in the ATHENA RC/ Industrial Systems Institute, Patras, Greece
o1990‐ 1996: Research Engineer in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department (ECE), at the
University of Patras, Patras, Greece
Research Interests
Networked Embedded Systems (Modeling Engineering – Artificial Intelligence – Security)
o Signal Processing
o Semantic enrichment of sensor data
o Knowledge Deduction and Machine Learning (mClassifiers)
o Knowledge Representation (RDF Schema)
o Device Profile for Web Services (DPWS)
o Elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) for symmetric key establishment, protection against
traffic analysis attack
o Access control based on Secure Digital Rights Management technologies (DRM)
Research / Scientific Activities
o Currently involved in 5 research projects as the person in charge of scientific and
technical/technological aspects: hSEAT: funded by LEADERA framework, DynaCargo: funded by the
Greek “Cooperation 2011” framework ‐ GSRT, KATHODIGOS: funded by the Greek “Cooperation 2009”
framework ‐ GSRT, SELIDA: funded by the Greek “Cooperation 2009” framework ‐ GSRT, nSHIELD:
funded by the EC/ARTEMIS framework
o Conference organizing committee member (SS Chair, etc.) in the last 7 IEEE ETFA conferences
o Technical Program Committee member in 10 conferences and workshops
o Reviewer in scientific journals (IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, ACM Transactions on
Embedded Computing Systems) and various scientific conferences (IEEE ETFA series, IEEE ISIE series,
IEEE INDIN series).
More than 60 publications in selected Journals and Conferences
Over 260 citations