Tuesday, 21 05 2019

Power Systems Control and Stability


Power Systems Control and Stability
Lesson Code:  22Β9011
Level:  Undergraduate
Semester:  8ο
Url:    http://eclass.upatras.gr/courses/EE671/
eclass:    http://eclass.upatras.gr/courses/EE671/



Load dispatch centres. Control systems structure. Active power-frequency (P-f) control. Division of power system into control areas. P-f control of single and multi-control area systems. Optimum control strategy. Reactive power-voltage control. Methods for the bus voltages control. Series and shunt compensation. Thyristor controlled series or shunt capacitor or reactor. Static synchronous series compensator, static var compensator, static synchronous compensator, synchronous compensator and dynamic voltage regulator. Voltage stability. Power systems transient stability. Swing equation. Transient generator active power. Equal area criterion. Explanation of power systems transient stability. Computer solution of power systems transient stability. State estimation of electric power systems. Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS) and Flexible Distribution System. Deregulation of electric power market.



Giannakopoulos Gabriel
Vovos Panagis
Alexandridis Antonios