Friday, 18 10 2019

Electromagnetic Fields II


Electromagnetic Fields II
Lesson Code:  22Υ601
Level:  Undergraduate
Semester:  6ο



Static currents: Current density and continuity equation, Ohm law, electromotive force, resistance. Static current problems solving, Electrostatic equilibrium, Comparison of dielectrics and conductors equations. Static magnetic fields: Ampere and Biot-Savart laws and problem solving. Static magnetic fields in materials ? Boundary conditions. Faraday law. Magnetic field dynamic energy, induction definition. Time-Variance fields: Maxwell equations, Displacement current, Wave equation, Dispersion equation, Energy and power flow ? Poynting theorem. Sinusoidal time variance. Actual value and complex notation of sinusoidal waves, Helmholtz equations. Waves and propagations: Planar waves, Propagation of planar waves in conductors and isolators, Planar field polarization, skin effect, Reflection and Diffraction of planar waves, horizontal and vertical polarization, Reflection law, Snell law, Critical angle. Total reflection, Brewster angle. Normal and oblique incidence in dielectric and conductive media. Propagation constants. Wave types.


Koulouridis Stavros