Wednesday, 22 05 2019

Special Topics in Electromagnetics


  Special Topics in Electromagnetics  
Lesson Code:   22ΜΜ025
Level:  Postgraduate
Semester:  10ο




Electromagnetic Theorems and Principles: Superposition, conservation, duality, uniqueness, reciprocity and reaction theorems. Image theory. Volume and surface equivalence principles. Induction theorem.

Radiation and Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves: Electric and Magnetic Field Integral Equations. Green’s functions. Small antenna systems. Plane wave’s scattering from strip, plate, cylinder and sphere. Radar cross section. Calculations by the method of moments.

CoupledElectromagnetic Problems:Modelling of coupled electric – magnetic – thermal – mechanical – circuit problems. Weak and strong coupling. Application to power cables, transformers and electrical machines. Calculations by the finite element method.


Soras Constantine